Desura for Linux

Content on this page is probably outdated and represents my personal knowledge, feelings and understading of things at that time .

So, today I stumpled upon the news that an open Beta for Desura linux client is available[1].
Because of some spare time and a lot of curiosity I tried it. The first thing that impressed me was the slick install page, offering simple navigation and 32/64 bit tarballs. So I grabed the appropriate tarball, with only one binary called “desura” and a readme file in it.
After I ran desura for the first time, it downloaded some additional resources to the current folder (and apperently it creates a desura folder if the binary is not in one.) and presented me with a login prompt. I quickly registered and confirmed my mail - and I was ready to rock. A hop to the Humble Bundle page to get the keys and redeem them. So far, the experiance is as simple and painless as it gets.
Now for the real test, I downloaded the Frozen Synapse game (the download was quick) and tried to lunch it from the download status report window. It failed, but when I lunched the game from the Games tab in desura, it worked!
The Desura client interface feels a bit cluttered, but otherwise a really good and seamless experiance. They have still a lot of work in front off them, but they are on a right path in my honest opinion. So, keep up the good work guys, and thanks for the great experiance.
Oh a note about the test system: