A year of a Gentoo user

Content on this page is probably outdated and represents my personal knowledge, feelings and understading of things at that time .

So, a year or so ago I dived into Android development and therefore I needed the tools for the job. I had some troubles with it, but stuff worked, yay! Gentoo had all the relevant programs/libraries/tools in portage and I could quite easily set everything up. That was on Eclipse 3.5 and then came Eclipse 3.6 - for which the android tools were not ready, and therefore people that upgraded had some deal-breaking problems. Good for me, Gentoo didn’t have Eclipse 3.6 in portage at the time so I was spared the troubles of blacklisting the Eclipse upgrade (what I had to do in Arch for example). And time passed and Google updated the Android SDK with Eclipse 3.6 compatibility and I waited for Eclipse 3.6 to hit portage… And till today, it still didn’t. I’m fine with Eclipse 3.5 on my own, but it depends on java-swt with (pre FF 4) xulrunner and therefore I couldn’t install Firefox 4. So, Gentoo goes full circle, from being perfect, to being easy on the user and being annoyingly outdated.

I solved my issue with Eclipse 3.6 from dustin overlay and I can now finally use a non-mozilla-binary version of Firefox 4.
P.S: My guide on setting up the android development environment in gentoo still works for Eclipse 3.6 (with obvious corrections ofcourse)